5 Lines on Bus | 10 Lines on Bus

In this short paragraph, we will learn how to write a few sentences [5 or10 sentences] about Bus in English. These few lines on Bus can be treated as a short essay on bus and it will be helpful for Classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

5 Lines on Bus

 Below are the five lines about bus.

1. Bus is a vehicle of large size.

2. Many people can travel from one place to another at a time by bus.

3. There are different types of buses like mini buses, double deckers, sleepers etc.

4. School buses are also used for transporting students to schools.

5. This is an important vehicle for road transport.

10 Lines on Bus

 The following are the ten sentences about bus.

1. An extended vehicle carrying people via road is called a bus.

2. The term ‘bus’ has come from the word ‘omnibus’, meaning ‘for everyone’. 

3. There are minimum 30 seats in a bus which can be up to 70 in max. 

4. A driver drives a bus and a conductor collects the fare. 

5. Bus is an important means of public transportation. 

6. The place from which people avail buses is called bus stand or bus stop. 

7. There are mainly two types of buses: public bus and private bus. 

8. In a public bus, any person can travel by booking a ticket. 

9. Private buses are meant for school students, factory workers, employees etc. 

10. Travelling by bus is safe, cheap and convenient for common people. 

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