5 Lines on Winter Season | 10 Lines on Winter Season

In this short paragraph, we will learn how to write a few sentences about the winter season in English. These few lines on winter season topic will be helpful for Classes 2, 3, 4.

5 Lines on Winter Season

1. Winter season is the coldest season of all. 

2. It starts in December and lasts till February. 

3. In winter, days are shorter and nights are longer. 

4. We have to use sweaters and blankets. 

5. There are plenty of oranges, apples, peas and cabbages in the market. 

The 10 lines below on winter season are ideal for Classes 5, 6, 7 and 8. You can also add these lines to write a paragraph or a short essay on winter season topic.

10 Lines on Winter Season

1. The coldest season of every region around the world is called the winter season.

2. The season is characterized by temperatures, cold and dry winds, fog, frost and snowfall. 

3. Days with shorter daylight and longer nights are the primary factors of winter. 

4. Overcoats, sweaters, jackets and scarves are the integral parts of winter fashion.

5. Winter also gives us various festivals like Christmas and New Year.

6. Lots of migratory birds are seen in this season.

7. Some animals like frogs and snakes practice hibernation during winter season.

8. Winter is also a season of celebrations like fairs, traditional festivals, sports and tours. 

9. Children and older ones suffer a lot due to the excess cold in winter.

10. Sometimes transportation difficulties also arise in this season due to fog and snow. 

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