Letter to Your Friend about how You Spent Holi Festival

In this post, we will learn to write a letter to your friend telling him/her how you celebrated Holi at your home. This is a letter writing on Dol-Purnima/Holi celebration in English.

Question: Write a letter to your friend describing how you celebrated Holi Festival.

Your address


Sub: Description of Holi Celebration

Dear [Friend’s Name],

Your letter with the depiction of your Holi celebration is just in hand. I am very happy to read it. Here I am telling you how I spent Holi in my own way. 

This year I have enjoyed dol very majestically. My family had organized a Holi party where most of my friends and relatives had joined. In the morning, we all gathered on our lawn dressed in yellow and red colours. Then my sister, her friends and all the little ones present there, inaugurated the Holi party with a dance performance on the song of dol purnima.  After that, we all got engaged to throw colours at each other with water balloons and pichkaris.  This festival of colour made each one of us colourful with various colours of natural gulal or abir.

Next, we had a delicious lunch at around 1 p.m. which included five types of sweet items also. Then everyone embraced each other in a joyous mood forgetting all the negativities of the mind. The party ended with a serving of thandai, a special cold drink meant for this occasion.

This was all about my Holi celebration which was a grand one for me indeed. It would have been even better if you could come and I could give some colours on your face also. Please make a plan to meet soon as we have not seen each other so long.

No more today. Take love from the core of my heart. Ba bye.

Yours lovingly 

[Your name]

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Q1: On which date Holi will be celebrated in 2023?

Answer: Holi falls on 8th March in 2023.

Q2: Where is Holi celebrated mostly?

Answer: Holi is one of the most celebrated festivals in India.

Q3: Holi date 2022?

Answer: 19 March, 2022.

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