10 Lines on Summer Season in English

In this post, we will learn how to write a short essay (5 lines or 10 lines) on the summer season in English. These 10 sentences on the summer season will be very useful for the students of classes 4 to 12.

The 10 lines/sentences about the summer season are provided below.

10 Lines about Summer Season

1. Summer is one of the four seasons in a year.

2. Summer is the hottest season of the year comes between spring and fall.

3. This is the season full of bright sunlight and blue skies

4. In the summer, days are long and nights are short.

5. We get a wide range of fruits and vegetables in this season.

6. Mango, one of the best fruit, is available in this summer season.

7. During this season, schools and colleges have summer vacations.

8. People usually prefer to go to the beaches with their family and friends during this time as summer vacation is available.

9. For outdoor activities, it is the perfect season of the year.

10. Overall, summer is a beautiful season that brings joy and happiness to people that helps them to embrace the warmth and beauty of nature.

Next, we will learn 5 lines about the summer season. This will be useful for students of classes 2, 3, 4, 5.

5 Lines on Summer Season

  1. Summer is the hottest season and comes after spring.
  2. During this season, we see blue skies and bright sunlight.
  3. Schools have summer vacation at this time.
  4. Kids prefer to play outside.
  5. A lot of fruits, especially Mango, are available in this season.

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