Write a letter to your friend on how you celebrated Republic Day in your school

In this post, we will learn how to write a letter to your friend telling him how you observed/spent the Republic Day in your school. This is a letter writing in English on 26th January celebration in school.

Question: Write a letter to your friend describing the Republic Day celebration in your school.

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Sub: Republic Day Celebration in School

Dear [Friend’s Name],

It’s been very long since I have heard anything from you. Hope you and your family are well. I am fine now and celebrated the Republic Day in our school with grand success. This letter will give you a depiction of that event.¬†

Every year on 26th January we observe the Republic Day also known as the Loktantra Divas in our school in a splendid way. This year the main focus was on the freedom fighters. A retired military major was our chief guest. He inaugurated the program by hoisting our national flag. Then we all sang our National anthem followed by an inspiring speech of Headsir on the sacrifice of the freedom fighters. After that, a grand parade march was performed by the NCC team wearing the tricolour dresses. Next, we had a cultural program having patriotic songs, recitations and dances. The students of classes X and XI performed a drama on the hanging of Kshudiram Bose. I also took part in the drama. The event ended with the distribution of sweets among all. We ourselves enjoyed the day a lot. 

Reply me soon with your experience of 26th January. Lots of love for you. Take care. 

Yours affectionately 

[Your name]

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