Write a letter to your friend how you spent Christmas holiday

In this post, we will learn how to write a letter to your friend about how you celebrated your Christmas vacation. This is a letter to your friend telling him how you celebrated your Christmas.

Question: Write a letter to your friend the way you spent your Christmas Eve.

Sub: Christmas Day Celebration

Dear [Friend’s Name],

Hope you are well and in a festive mood. In this letter I want to reply your query about how I celebrated my Christmas holiday.

This year, I had so much fun with my family on Christmas day. My mom baked a big and delicious fruitcake and various other tasty sweet dishes. Me, papa, and my little sis all enjoyed it very much.

On Christmas Eve, we also went to a nearby church for the midnight mass. The church was decorated with colorful lights and Christmas trees. All the people there sang Christmas carols together. There I met with some of my friends. It was a wonderful and peaceful evening spent with my dear ones.

We had a great dinner at Sonar Tori restaurant. After coming home we exchanged gifts and had a great time opening them and seeing each other’s reactions.

This is how I spent my Christmas day in a simple but enjoyable way. It would have been even more pleasurable if you could keep my invitation to come my home on this occasion.

I would love to hear all about your Christmas Eve. Reply me soon.

Give my regards to uncle and aunt. My love for you and your little bro.

Yours ever,

[Your Name]

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