Letter to your friend describing Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

In this post, we will learn how to write a letter to a friend about how you spent Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. This is a letter to your friend about Ganesh Puja, that is, the Ganapati celebration in your town.

Write a letter to your penfriend about how you celebrated the Ganesh Chaturthi festival at your place

Your address _______

Date ___/___/___

Subject: Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

My dear friend,

 I received your letter yesterday, where you wrote why you could not attend the Ganesh festival at our place in spite of getting my invitation. So to keep your request I am giving a detailed description in this letter of our celebration of Ganesh puja here.

We decorated our home with pretty flowers and colourful ribbons. Sacred banana trees were also placed near the Mandapa. A beautiful Idol of Lord Ganesha was established and many diyas were litted in front of the idol. Modakas and laddoos were brought as these are the most essential ingredients of Ganesh puja. Many of our relatives attended the occasion. We worshipped the god of wisdom during all ten days with religious sanctity and traditions.

On the tenth day, all our family members along with our neighbours took the idol of the lord to a nearby pond for immersion. We returned with the hope of celebrating this auspicious occasion again in the next year.

So that’s all for today. Please let me know about the celebration of the Ganesh festival at your place. Give my regards to your parents. With love.

Yours ever

Your Name _____

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